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An Experience Like No Other


From the moment my wheels hit the campus of NC A&T, I knew I was home. I’d already gotten a glimpse of that Aggie Pride, visiting my sister on campus. But here I was… finally an Aggie. It was a place my high school guidance counselors didn’t think was set up for me. But I knew better. This amazing institution of learning shaped me and embraced me like no other. When I tell you, the students jumped in to open doors, help me unpack my book bag, carry my tray in the cafe. The administrators and professors poured into me and expanded my thinking. Dean Craig made sure to throw a few scholarships my way when I visited him every semester with an exceptional GPA. The Aggie Athletic Club rallied behind me and were some of the first to purchase art to help me pay for an assistant. My roommates, my crew… still all friends today. There are so many memories, so many people who changed my life during my years at A&T. Dear A&T, I am forever grateful.

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